Enterprise Consulting

We suggest Industry4.0 Solution after skilled consulting on enterprise Technical Problem and convergence Problem 

Business Connect & Visualization

We show you a visualization among enterprises relations by block-chain P2P certified Technology.


We fulfill block-chain technology which is specialized enterprise trust information and relation network on our platform.

Crowd Funding

We provide a electric token wallet service which can invest innovative technology of industry 4.0 enterprise of all over the world fast and safely.


We develop a prediction model which can predict fluctuation of cryptocurrency and cope with inflation and deflation in real time

Enterprise Fintech

We develop a remittance service among enterprise all of the world by decentralized block-chain technology.

Enterprise BigData

We develop a matching and recommending service after analyzing big data of enterprises all over the world

10,000+ Knowledge
We develop the relationship between science knowledge effects(over 10,000) and product of enterprise
For Maker, Startup, Small Business

Industry4.0 Block-Chain Ecosystem

  • Activation of Crypto investment on innovative project of enterprise
  • Connecting enterprise business and visualization of all of the world
  • Guarantee of high trust information and security of enterprise information by blockchain
  • Fast and safe Crypto remittance between global business
  • Strong Enterprise Searching by deep-learning technology

Top Four Reasons to Choose Our Block-Chain Vision

  • Support project selected by Government
  • Transparent business information of Illunex
  • Opening of Beta platform prior to Business platform
  • World 1st Industry4.0 enterprise Platform
  • Technical Problem consulting over 10years
  • SW solution design and development over 10years
  • Understanding and realization of block-chain
  • A lot of Meetup on block-chain.
Industry 4.0
  • Enable to Technology convergence
  • Enable to Global investment
  • Enable to measure trust of business relationship
  • Enable to fast and safe global remittance
Professional Team
  • Fast design and execution team work
  • High skilled designer for world class service and product design.
  • High experienced TRIZ Expert for Problem solving
  • High top Al Advisor

Team Member

Park Bong-kyung

일루넥스 Co-founder 이며 국 내외의 Block-Chain 사업 마케팅과 Triz Effect Database 아키텍처로 활동하고있습니다.

Lee Su-hyun
Senior Staff

Web & mobile publisher and designer at illunex

Park Jin-hyuk

Over 12 year developing experience for IT system. He is interested in deep-learning technology and developing block-chain.

Lim Sam-gyu
R&D Manager

Over 15 year developing experience for web service and IT system. He is developing and designing for platform

Park Jong-ok
Service Deginer

Over 18 year experience for product design and service.He is designing for block-chain platform

Park Kyung-hoon
Partner Developer

CEO of Pubby. Over 10 year developing experience for IT system. He is partner developer for block-chain of illunex

    (주)일루넥스는 블록체인과 핀테크기술을 연구/개발하는 기술 집약형 스타트업 기업 입니다.

    우리는 기업의 문제 해결전문가들과 소프트웨어 엔지니어가 공동 창업하여 4차산업 기술 융합시장에 도전장을 던집니다.

    대기업과 일부 돈있는 기업들만이 누리는 다양한 기술적 이점과 접근성에 반대하며 전세계 메이커, 스타트업 기업도 평등한 기회를 가지도록 하는 것이 일루넥스의 기업가치 입니다.

    BlockChain based, technology convergence network platform

    EffectMall 은 전세계 메이커, 스타트업, 중소기업과 같은 작은 기업들의 공통된 문제인 마케팅, 투자, 홍보, 기술융합 등 의 문제를 블록체인 기술을 통해 해결합니다. 또한 전 세계 기업의 관계를 빅데이터 분석하고 시각화 합니다.

    Industry 4.0 Creative Problem Solving Methodology

    4차산업 관련 기업의 기술 문제 해결 능력을 높이고 다양한 솔루션을 제안합니다. 빅데이터 분석을 통해 기업 매칭과 추천을 실현하고, 기술융합을 빠르게 실현할 수 있는 TRIZ 기반 기술 전문 컨설팅 서비스를 제공합니다.