Supply Chain Analysis Solution

Global supply chain

Ai platform

We have Analyzed Industries, Technologies and Provide Optimal Company Recommendation Services


Company Infomation​

The fastest way to get the corporate information that you can find it. for good investment

Growth Prediction

AI Enterprise

AI corporate analysis algorithm Predict the future growth potential of your enterprise.


of Corporate Relationships

The various relationships that global companies have. with Visualize the graph.

Company Matching

& recommendation

Analyzing industry business supply chain relationships Recommend a new business company.

Technical Matching

& Growth Prediction

Enterprises need to develop new technologies Discover and match collaborative enterprises.

Investment matching

& Recommendation

with VC and angel investors working on the platform. It will be matched immediately for a service review.

Industrial Analysis System

Using AI Technology
Graph Theory

AI technology is used to analyze corporate industry,  technology trends and provide successful supply chain matching services for SMEs and startups.


Relationship Visualization

Node Sizing

Node Combine

Node Statistics



growth rate prediction

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